Sunday, January 18, 2009

Prince Charming's Birthday

I have tried to type this four times. There have been four different reasons it has not posted.

Quick recap. Yesterday was Jeff's birthday. I pulled off a birthday surprise for him that he had no idea about. This is a rare rare occasion.

MiKaela was very very selfless by saving her money to buy Jeff's favorite cologne. He loves CK B and it is far from cheap. She makes me very proud by doing something of this nature. Sometimes I wonder if I am helping lead her down the right path but moments like this that I think she is doing fine on her journey.

We went to got late.. which is why the kids were worn out. But at the end of it all Jeff's parents sent him the money he needed to buy a new Fossil (the other one lasted 6 years). He bought the phone he wanted with the money I have been stashing away from work. (he hated his old one) and DM & Rie bought him sweet gifts as well.

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Sashbury said...

AWWW You truly have the best family in the world. Your kids are amazing and you and your husband could be the inspiration for Hallmark cards!! Happy Birthday to Jeff!!!

Love you tons!!!