Thursday, May 14, 2009

Austin to New Orleans

Flew to Texas a couple weeks ago to bring Amber home while her husband is in Iraq. On our drive home we stopped in Austin and then spent a night in New Orleans. Two cities on my lists of places I wanted to visit.. again.. pictures say a thousand words.

Austin, Texas

New Orleans

I was shocked when I saw the homes in New Orleans. I do not know what I expected four years after a hurricane that destroyed so much and so many lives were lost..but it was not the reality I found. I must say I am ashamed of us as a country because if this is what it is like now.. it must have been beyond awful then. There are brand new homes next to empty plots. There are occupied homes that still have the spraypaint marking the home had been checked. It is so surreal you can't begin to understand with out seeing it.

This home is blown out. There is no front door nor are there windows.

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