Monday, February 16, 2009

I'll be the greatest fanof your life

Often I can't help it, I have to write. It may not even be to make a point but to put into words what keeps twisting inside my mind. Sort it out on paper, if you will. But papers have long been gone..blogging for 10 years! Man I feel old. Life has been exactly the way it should be. Mundane scattered among the precious moments.

Music has been current outlet. The energy is bouncing off of everyone in the room. Small venue's are, by far, my favorite. With that said.. I am very much looking forward to taking Rielly to her first "real concert" AND the best part is it is an artist I enjoy. Rielly cares about 2 things. Books & Taylor Swift and on May 1st she will get to feel the magic of a concert of that magnitude.

David-Michael has decided he would rather not hear at this time. Because of how the situation occurred I think the timing is not right for him. He said he would like to talk about it again in a couple years.We will follow his lead.

MiKaela is 13... but she is a good kid. I work more lately and she knows how to pick up what needs to be done with out having to be asked. Now if we could get the other kids on that same mindset. MiKaela is on the scholar bowl team and wears lime green skinny jeans. She is honor roll. She is a bold young woman.

How lucky and I and how terribly boring this has turned out to be.

With that said obviously I am in a place where words are in pictures and music. or not... And can I say.. I love my husband. This Valentine's Day he took me to see Edwin McCain. The man that sings our song. Our first dance as husband and wife. When we are in the car and it comes on we call each other. I can't tell you how many voice mails I have of that song playing through a radio. Text messages of lyrics from the song. The lyrics are so familiar it is like saying my address. The beginning notes of the song stop me (and steal my breath) & no matter what is happening or where I am I just feel.. love. I love when it comes on in the car and he grabs my hand and kisses it. Every time. I love this man so much I am sure my heart will burst. I look at him sometimes and wonder how it can possibly make sense that this small town girl and the "big city" boy met across the country. And I knew. It's a sense of recognition. It was right.. so much so at times I was afraid of it..could not believe it.. but so quickly love stomped out any fears I had. We balance each other out in so many aspects it weaves the bonds tighter. Before him I would hear people talk of wanting to shout it from the roof tops and roll my eyes. Now I get it.. happiness is so terrific it has to be shared. I am aware of how wonderful it is. My family makes me feel alive. I am home. Life is good. Times may be tougher and may even get tougher but it is going to be Okay because we are Team Kaplan. We always make it happen. So yes, I am in love. We are sneaking up on 11 years and every day I sink further into love..and when I look to my side he is right there. Everytime.

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Shelli said...

That was a really sweet post. I'm so glad you are so happy in life and in love. You deserve it.