Wednesday, February 18, 2009


This from my mother. Shawn Cooper is my brother. Thank you for taking the time to read this.

Brian and I are in the process of bringing home our 6th adopted child from Africa. And we need your help.Rahel is 15.
She lives in Ethiopia.
She has waited a very long time.
She has seen her friends come into the children's home, stay for a period of time, and then leave for their new home. She wishes them well, and smiles for them, and then cries because she has been left behind one more time. Rahel has gone through this scenario many many times. She longs for a family. She needs a family, and as Dave Thomas says, every child deserves a family. She asks the families who come for other children, "Nobody has picked me, will you come back?"
Rahel's parents are dead. As with many children in Ethiopia she has been orphaned by the affects of aids and HIV related diseases that have caused the death of her parents. She has been alone for 5 years. Her uncle took her to the children's home and left her there. Probably one of the reasons she has waited so long is that she was already considered an older child when she arrived. Younger children find homes more easily than the older children.
Please help us bring Rahel home. Most of the work is done and most of the expense has been covered, but we still need to pay for the expense of traveling to Ethiopia to do the final paperwork and also pay for her ticket home. Time is running short for Rahel. To help us Shawn is running a four STATE 45 mile marathon to bring attention to Rahel's situation. If it is possible, any size donation will make a difference. Your help is appreciated. We have learned through our experiences with the children we have brought home so far that adoption changes the world for these kids. They are grateful, helpful, and anxious to see their friends and others helped. All of them talk about becoming doctors like Shawn to go back to Africa and "help the children". Please visit Shawn's blog to see his progress training for his 45 mile run. You will find a link there to make a donation to sponsor Shawn's run to bring Rahel home. Or if you prefer you can mail a donation to Hansen Adoption Fund9201 Old Country WayEvansville, IN 47720 You can also visit Rahel's blog at Thank you for your time. Thank you for helping if you can. Barbara & Brian Hansen

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Zoe Isabella said...


HI!! It finally worked! Your comment was on my blog tonight!! :)
Thank you so much!
I also saw that you joined our zoeforlife walk team...with a personal goal of $500.00! WOW!! That is a great goal!

Your blog is seem a little shy on writing....but your pictures show a thousand words....
What a wonderful family you have been blessed with.
Take care....look forward to hearing more from you! :)