Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Happy Birthday Mom!

The last thing I have time to do right now is post this but I wanted to update quickly.

Today is my mom's birthday.. which makes this time of year even harder for me. I miss my family scattered all over. There is never enough time to spend with each other. However, I have to be grateful for the social networks and blogs to keep eachother updated and pictures/videos passed around.

I do have to say that my mom is my hero. She is the type of woman I hope I am becoming. She has an amazing heart and spirit. I can still lean on her for good advice or a simple ear to listen. I ache to spend this birthday with her and my siblings.

I am getting ready for work and as I was doing my make up I was listening to Rielly jam out to her MP3 player and realized my babies are not babies anymore. It is so bitter sweet to see them grow. But gosh, I am a proud mom. My mom taught me well.

Tomorrow one of my childhood friends is coming to visit. Lisa & her husband Steve are staying in Daytona over the holidays and are driving up tomorrow. I am so excited to see our children play together as we did!!!!

Off to work... hoidays are not holidays when you are in the hospitality buisness!

Happy Holidays!

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